Planet Beach Franchise Opportunity

A Contempo Spa

Planet Beach Franchise Opportunity

Personal pampering is only minutes away with Planet Beach Contempo Spa. Based in New Orleans, Planet Beach Contempo Spa – the perfect hybrid of the day spa and UV therapy industries – was founded by Stephen P. Smith, a former bodybuilder who owned three Gold’s Gym franchises before opening his own tanning salon in April 1995. It immediately went into franchising in 1996 and in 2005 the company expanded its traditional UV offerings to include spa-style treatments, enabling clients to handle their entire skincare regime in one location. The idea behind the company formation was simple – to offer customers a sense of mental renewal and physical revitalisation similar to relaxing and tanning under a sunny day at the beach. To make it more appealing and enjoyable, all treatments at Planet Beach Contempo Spa are fully automated, enabling customers to pamper both face and body at the press of a button, in privacy and without an attendant at a reasonable price.

Planet Beach Franchise Opportunity

Planet Beach Contempo Spa is perfectly positioned to capitalise on the public’s insatiable demand for ways to relieve stress, look younger, live healthier and feel better at a fraction of the cost and in far less time than a traditional day spa. The popularity of the Contempo Spa concept is growing rapidly and with its affordability, there is no better time to invest in this exciting and lucrative business. Planet Beach Contempo Spa is actively seeking established business professionals or entities with prior business and management experience for the role of Master Franchisee within the Asian Continent.

There are over 350 Planet Beach Contempo Spa locations within the U.S., Canada, South Africa, Australia, Egypt and Ireland. New spas are currently under development in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and to date eight masters franchisee have been awarded internationally. It is Planet Beach’s vision to bring the Contempo Spa experience to every vibrant and viable community across the globe.

Planet Beach Franchise Opportunity

Franchise Info
Company Name: Planet Beach Franchising
Phone: +1 888 290 8266 ext. 265
Year Established: 1995
Country of Origin: Louisiana, USA
Contact Person: Jennifer Spizale
Types of Franchise Available: Master Franchisee
Number of Units: 360+
Size of Units: Varies
Franchise Fees: Exclusive Development Fees – depends on Territory
Franchise Term (years): 15
Royalty: 6% royalty collected on sub-franchised units, the Master Franchisee shall retain 4.2% of the collected royalties and remit 1.8% back to Planet Beach International, LLC
Marketing/A & P Fund: 1% – 2% of gross sales and retained by the Master
Estimated Initial Capital: Varies

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