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INNOVATE is a total brain development programme that challenges the way a child thinks and focus; ultimately to make him or her more intelligent and balanced. INNOVATE is a multimedia-based, comprehensive, unique, proven and trusted programme that combines the teaching of ancient tool, art and modern science. It’s a powerful and enjoyable programme that incorporates Mental Arithmetic teaching with Multimedia and Music for children from 3 to 13 years old.

INNOVATE was established to adapt the traditional Taiwanese and Chinese abacus arithmetic and mental arithmetic system of teaching which uses left brain logic and manipulate the virtual abacus by exercising the creative right brain. In addition, INNOVATE also assist your child with sound basic skills for image training to operate high tech gadgets by training the child to enhance his Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic (touch) and Imaginative skills which are relevant in today’s challenging world. To keep with the global technological advancements, INNOVATE also incorporates multimedia techniques with music.

INNOVATE five minds teaching strategy is: To ‘Synthesise’, Be Disciplined, Creative, Respectful and Ethical.
At INNOVATE, we help every child to:

  • Challenge his/her own perceptions
  • Realise his/her own potential
  • Enrich and make his/her own learning experience enjoyable
  • Stimulate and participate intellectually
  • Think analytically and strategically

The ever increasing awareness of the significance of music for healing and logical IT application has led INNOVATE to develop a programme that has academic, logical, emotional as well as technology focus and value. The programme is suitable for learners of all ages. Simply put, INNOVATE helps in exercising your child’s mind to stimulate and exercise the brain and indulge in intellectually stimulating mental challenges. Solving mental arithmetic rapidly stimulates the largest regions of the brain, thus the regeneration of nerve endings in the brain. Just keep counting, keep thinking and boost your brain!

INNOVATE Mental Arithmetic is a tested and unique programme that totally works. The concept is productive, efficient and effective. Abacus Mental Arithmetic franchise business is among the most lucrative business sectors today and INNOVATE Mental Arithmetic is proud to be leading the way. To become an INNOVATE Mental Arithmetic franchisee, you don’t need any formal training or qualifications as training will be provided. We welcome you to become INNOVATE franchisee locally or Master Franchisee in Singapore/foreign country.


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