Lush Lashes Franchise Opportunity

Semi Permanent Eye Lash Extensions

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Lush Lashes has been created so you can look sexy and feel fantastic, every single day of the year. Now there’s no need to spend hours applying make-up to get the look you want.

Lush Lashes’ unique techniques apply more lashes per eye, making them longer and thicker. In fact, Lush Lashes is the only lash-extension company that applies one lash for every lash you have. The result is stunning – a natural and beautiful look that will last for up to five weeks.

Founders Vanessa O’Reilly and Lisa Gillanders and their trained team are the only technicians in Australiasia who can create the Lush Lashes look for you. And because they think you deserve to look stunning every day of the year, they have made it affordable too.

Lush Lashes Franchise Opportunity

Great Product, Great Technique, For A Great Lash Extension Look
For some people, Lush Lashes is the only makeup they wear. Your new semi-permanent Lush Lashes eye lash extension sets will be individually designed to give you the look you want, whether its natural or making a statement, with many different styles of lashes to suit your eyes.

Lush Lashes technique is unique: for every lash you have done, one Lush lash is applied with a safe, high grade surgical adhesive, giving you a fuller, sexier look.

Lush Lashes apply double the amount of lashes in its standard set that some salons use and its highly trained expert technicians go all the way to ensure your new lashes are really comfortable too.

You will look gorgeous for up to five weeks, depending on the natural life cycle of your own lashes. This cycle is usually around 30 days – eye lashes naturally fall out and grow back over this cycle.

You can swim without the worry of streaky mascara and wake up knowing your eyes look as great as they did the night before. Even if the rest of you may be a little worse for wear, your eyes won’t be.

Lush Lashes Franchise Opportunity

Franchise Info
Company Name: Lush Lashes Limited
Phone: +0064 5663 921
Year Established: 2008
Country of Origin: New Zealand
Contact Person: Vanessa O’Reilly
Email Address:
Types of Franchise Available: Owner/Occupier or incorporate into existing Beauty Based Business
Number of Units: Currently expanding into the New Zealand/Australia & Hong Kong Markets
Franchise Fees: NZ$500 Royalty Fee per month
Franchise Term (years): Five Years
Estimated Initial Capital: NZ$22,500

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