Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt Franchise Opportunity

The Ice Cream Lover’s Frozen Yogurt
#1 Purveyor Of Frozen Yogurt In Southern California

Golden Spoon, a true Southern California frozen yogurt, is the fun, premium quality alternative to ice cream that tastes good with zero to low fat and very few calories. Golden Spoon painstakingly crafts each flavour to evoke an emotional connection between consumer and product. Golden Spoon yogurt provides more than dessert – it provides a memorable, healthy indulgence to its customers in the US, Japan and soon in the Philippines.

The vast majority of consumers prefer the taste and creamy texture of ice cream over tangy frozen yogurt, yet they want yogurt’s health benefits. Golden Spoon lets them have both. Once consumers experience Golden Spoon’s product, they don’t need to be persuaded to eat yogurt – the dessert’s great taste, smooth texture and obvious health benefits speak for its merit.

A pioneer in the frozen yogurt industry, its founder, Jeff Barnes focused on refining the company’s identity as the “ice cream lover’s frozen yogurt” by creating his own recipes using premium formulations. During its first 20 years, it focused on refining the product and process to deliver a premium-quality product to customers – and a top-notch business experience to its licensees. Golden Spoon’s healthy ingredients and active yogurt cultures help to ensure that there is no other product in the industry as delicious or as healthy for you. Its uniquely rich-tasting and highly nutritious products have provided advantages that competitors simply cannot match.

Why Malls Want Golden Spoon As A Tenant
Golden Spoon’s success is built on providing a value-priced, healthy, and great tasting product served in a clean and customer focused setting. As a result, landlords love it and often refer to it as an anchor tenant while occupying one of the smallest spaces within any centre. Golden Spoon stores generate annual sales/turnover nearly double the U.S. industry average.

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt Franchise Opportunity

Franchise info
Company Name: Golden Spoon Franchising Inc.
Phone: +65-6327 8884 (Singapore Representative)
Year Established: 1983
Country of Origin: California. USA
Contact Person: T.K. Lee (Singapore)
Types of Franchise Available: Master or Area License
Number of Units: 100 + units in the U.S., Japan & Philippines
Size of Units: Stores 60 – 120 sq.m. – Kiosks 30 – 60 sq.m.
Franchise Fees: Exclusive Development Fees – depends on Territory
Franchise Term (years): Development Term – 5 years – Operating Term – 10 years
Royalty: Product Based Model
Marketing/A & P Fund: 2% Local; 1% Global
Estimated Initial Capital: US$1.5 million

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