ES TELER 77 Franchise Opportunity

An Indonesian Favourite Now On Our Shores
Es Teller 77 Franchise Opportunity
The first ES TELER 77 was opened in 1982, after Murniati Widjaja won first prize and became the champion in a cooking competition for making one of Indonesia’s favourite traditional drinks called es teler. This led to the opening of a restaurant with es teler being its speciality – thus the name ES TELER 77, with the additional 77 as a lucky number. ES TELER 77 later became the company’s trademark and also the winning recipe for the es teler syrup.

When it first started, ES TELER 77 was just a small street vendor in an ordinary tent outside a shopping centre in Jakarta, called Duta Merlin, with no more than five employees. Quite often the little canteen had to be closed because of the flooding that took place during bad weather. In 1987, the first franchised ES TELER 77 restaurant was opened in Solo, Central Java. Since then, more and more people have become franchisees of ES TELER 77. As a result, many ES TELER 77 restaurants have opened outside Jakarta. Today ES TELER 77 can be found in all major shopping centres throughout Indonesia. ES TELER 77 has also been successfully opened in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.


Franchise info
Company Name: PT Top Food Indonesia
Phone: (62) 21-6338085
Year Established: 1982
Country of Origin: Indonesia
Contact Person: Mr. Andrew Nugroho
Types of Franchise Available: Standard
Number of Units: 180
Size of Units: 100 sqm – 150 sqm
Franchise Fees: Rp85.000.000
Franchise Term (years): 5 years
Royalty: 4%
Marketing/A & P Fund: 2%
Estimated Initial Capital: Rp500.000.000

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  1. Melor Iskin
    December 4, 2010 at 1:50 pm ·

    Saya berminat dengan business ES TELER 77, kalau boleh berikan jumlah nilai dalam ringgit malaysia.

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