Round Table Pizza Franchise Opportunity

The Last Honest Pizza

Round Table Pizza Franchise Opportunity

In 1959, William R. Larson opened his first pizza restaurant in Menlo Park, California. He wanted to create a place where families could go to relax, to experience a real sense of community, and to share a superb pizza. Hence was born Round Table Pizza.

After 50 years, the Round Table Pizza family has expanded to more than 500 restaurants across the Western US. Today, the phrase, “The Last Honest Pizza” describes Round Table Pizza’s commitment to quality and authenticity.

Round Table Pizza Franchise Opportunity

Round Table Pizza rolls its dough from scratch, adds a fresh blend of three cheeses, and lavishly top the pizzas with only premium meats and garden fresh vegetables to produce unique specialty pizzas. Over the last 10 years, Round Table Pizza has introduced more than 30 successful new products, and is considered a pioneer in gourmet taste, quality as well as pizza and menu innovation.

By serving superb pizzas and nurturing family ties in a comfortable setting, Round Table Pizza plans to capture the real essence of memorable pizza eating experience enjoyed over generations.

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Round Table Pizza has built a reputation as the pizza brand of choice and is the market share leader in one of the most competitive and discriminating restaurant markets in the US.

Round Table Pizza Franchise Opportunity

The key differentiators between Round Table Pizza and other pizza chains include:

– Every Round Table Pizza restaurant rolls fresh dough every day and tops every pie with fresh cheese and only the freshest ingredients. In this day and age of frozen dough, frozen cheese and frozen toppings, Round Table Pizza is unique in the pizza segment.

– Round Table Pizza has both full service restaurants as well as smaller units for take-out and delivery.

– Round Table Pizza provides licensees with exclusive proprietary sauce and dough mix through its global supply chain process.

– Round Table Pizza is committed to franchising as its primary business model. Approximately 80% of Round Table Pizza restaurants are owned and operated by franchisees.

– Round Table Pizza is family focused and encourages its customers to have parties its restaurants.

Franchise Info
Company Name: Round Table Pizza
Phone: +65-6327 8884
Year Established: Brand Established in 1959, Franchise Company 1962
Country of Origin: USA
Contact Person: T.K. Lee
Types of Franchise Available: Area License
Number of Units: 500+
Size of Units: 1,200 sq.ft. – 3,600 sq.ft.
Franchise Fees: US$35,000 per unit/minimum 5 units/US$50,000 training fee
Franchise Term (years): 10, plus 10 year renewal
Royalty: 6%
Marketing/A & P Fund: 1%
Estimated Initial Capital: US$350,000 – US$600,000

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