Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room Franchise Business Opportunity

Tasty Hong Kong Tea Room Fare In The Heart of Singapore.

Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room Franchise Business Opportunity
Stepping into a Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room is like being transported instantaneously to the lively cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong. Service staff bustling to and from patrons, taking orders and serving up freshly prepared, steaming hot food and beverages amidst the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and crisp toast. In harmonising contrast to this flurry of activity are the feature wall panels of soothing earthy shades with complementing furniture of solid tables and chairs or invitingly plush sofa seats, all of which serve to decorate the well-lit and airy alcove.

Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room was founded in 2001 by John Lim when he was inspired by an unforgettable experience at an eatery in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, reminiscing of the exotic fusion of Eastern and Western flavours. Here at Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room, you can savour Hong Kong specialties such as shrimp wonton noodles, and at the same time, be delighted with a dash of local Singaporean flavour such WHAT DO YOU THINK of music justin bieber ’s plea deal???Who the hell cares about this idiot loser????I believe him, coz of course he’s gay and she is a disgusting dark meat loverWhats up with this glorification of violence?Whatever immature fight those two had (not a fan of either, dont know them much) its getting ridiculous. as of the iced red bean.

Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room

What adds a unique touch to the dining experience at Wan Chai is the subtle twist given to the usual staples, snacks and beverages of a typical cha chan teng, simply by blending in ingredients of another culture, such as the teriyaki beef with onion and mushroom steamed rice and baked seafood rice with wasabi cheese. Just like its interior, the refreshing flavours of such fusion recipes together with tasty Hong Kong tea room fare strike a perfect balance between the traditional and the contemporary.

Franchise info
Company Name: Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room
Phone: 65-6749 9233
Website: www.wanchai.sg
Year Established: 2005
Country of Origin: Singapore
Contact Person: Ms. Hsien Naidu
Email: enquiries@astreem.com
Type of Business: Food & Beverage
Types of Franchise Available: Single Unit (Singapore),
Master Franchise(worldwide)
Number of Units: 6 units
Size of Units: 1,200 sq. ft. – 1,600 sq. ft.
Franchise Fees: S$50,000 (Singapore)
Franchise Term (years): 5 years
Royalty: 4% of turnover
Marketing/A & P Fund: 2% of turnover
Estimated Initial Capital: S$150,000 – S$200,000
(renovation, fixtures and equipment)


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