Spun Candy (UK) “The Concept Confectionists – Handmade Candy”

Using vegetarian, gluten-free, all natural fruit flavours for their candies, with Spun Candy, one can truly satisfy their sweet tooth without worry. Created in an in-store kitchen, Spun Candy is a proven hit with everyone, including the likes of big wigs in the corporate world such as Virgin Atlantic, Ted Baker, BMW Mini and Hearst Magazines. With a target age group of 5 years to 85 years of age, Spun Candy offers a unique and bespoke experience and service – a luxury consumer product that is a “guilt free” purchase every time.

Spun Candy Ltd.
Address: Covent Garden,London, United Kingdom
Website: www.spun-candy.com
Year Established: 2013
Country of Origin: UK
No. of Units: 5
Franchise Option: Single, Multi, Area
Development Agreements
Franchise Fee: Request for Information
Franchise Term: Depends on Type of Agreement

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