Sheffield Kidsworld

Sheffield Kidsworld is a profitable business established in Singapore since 2002, providing Premium Childcare Services at affordable prices. As an innovative market player, Sheffield Kidsworld has proudly been instrumental in nurturing our children and helping them, through our proprietary curriculum and activities, to develop into creative thinkers and lifelong learners. We are highly committed and passionate about what we do and we want like-minded people to join us as Franchisees and enjoy the same success and fulfillment.

Sheffield Kidsworld International Pte Ltd
Tel: +65 6575 1072 (Office), +65 9648 4749 (Mobile)
Franchise Fees: USD80,000-USD150,000
A&P Fees: 1%
Royalty: 8%
Initial Capital: USD200,000-USD350,000

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