Pure Nectar (Philippines) “Simply HEALTHY & Amazingly TASTY”

Pure Nectar started over 20 years ago as Fruit Magic in the Philippines by Dr. Escalona, a Medical Doctor with a strong passion to pre-empt disease by bringing a healthy lifestyle for people by sharing the tremendous benefits of juicing.  Over the last 20 years, the brand has continued to grow and its product offering has evolved as science and technology bring forth new revelations for what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.Fruit Magic, with 65 locations in the Philippines, now transitions into Pure Nectar as the brand embarks on its global journey. Pure Nectar, the name, truly represents both the pureness and the amazing taste of this cold-pressed juice products.

Fruit Magic
Address: Manila, Philippines
Website: www.purenectarjuice.com
Year Established: 1995
Country of Origin: Philippines
No. of Units: 65
Franchise Option: Master/Area Development Agreements
Franchise Fee: Information available upon request
Franchise Term: Information available upon request

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