PrimaDeli Franchise Business Opportunity

Award Winning Bakery Franchise & Food Manufacturer.

Prima Deli Franchise Business Opportunity

PrimaDeli prides itself on having a proven franchise model, a sound organisational structure, strong branding and excellent products. The extensive research and development (R&D), modern production technologies, high-tech retail management systems and professionally designed shop layouts have provided PrimaDeli a strong foundation on which it builds its distinctive brand. As testimony to its success, PrimaDeli has won several internationally recognised accolades.

PrimaDeli is managed by Prima Food Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Prima Limited. Established in 1992, Prima Food’s core businesses are food manufacturing and franchising.

Prima Deli Franchise Business Opportunity

As Singapore’s first homegrown bakery franchise and longest-running Singapore food franchise, PrimaDeli’s bakery network today boasts about 40 bakery retail outlets in Singapore. One of the critical success factors is its wide range and variety of top quality cakes, buns, breads and pastries. From Singapore favourites and Asian delights to French pastries and Western treats, from sweet to savoury, there is definitely something to suit every taste! PrimaDeli’s success in Singapore has enabled it to export quality bakery products to other markets since 1998.

Excellent products
The success of PrimaDeli bakery franchise begins with Taste, distinctive tastes with wide appeal and consistency, tastes that competitors cannot replicate. PrimaDeli has successfully developed its unique blend of Asian and Western flavours in its products.

Behind every product is a proprietary secret recipe, a successfully entry barrier against competitors. These creations and formulations are developed in its extensive in-house R&D facilities, where food technologies work hand in hand with a team of leading pastry and culinary chefs.

Prima Deli Franchise Business Opportunity

Although PrimaDeli products are manufactured on an industrial scale, they still retain the “handmade” flavour so desired by consumers after bake-off. This is achieved through extensive reverse engineering and applying state-of-the-art frozen dough production processes.

Franchise info
Company Name: Prima Food Pte Ltd
Phone: +65-6277 7168
Year Established: 1992
Country of Origin: Singapore
Contact Person: Mr. Vincent Lew
Types of Franchise Available: Master/Single Unit Franchise, Region
Number of Units: 35 units
Size of Units: 300 sq. ft. – 800 sq. ft.
Franchise Fees: S$25,000 – S$40,000 (local)
Franchise Term (years): 6 years (local)
Royalty: 1.95%
Marketing/A & P Fund: S$400 per month
Estimated Initial Capital: S$100,000 – $200,000


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    Please let me have some basic financial information;

    1. Is there an store opening fee?


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