Piccolo House

PICCOLO HOUSE is a one-stop solution for parents to conceptualise the ideal living space for their children, and to turn these ideas into reality. Piccolo House designs, manufactures and distributes their own range of children’s furniture, including thematic sets such as a Princess room for girls and a Sail Away room for boys. Piccolo House is also the distributor for numerous international brands of children’s furniture, beddings and accessories, including Ice Play, Theo Et Ines, Paterson Rose and Freckles.

Piccolo House
Tel: +65-6749 9233
Website: www.astreem.com
Franchise Fees: S$20,000 per unit
Royalty: 0% (minimum stock order: $60,000
1st shipment, $80,000 subsequent shipment)
Initial Capital: S$150,000 onwards per outlet

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