Pho Hoa (USA) “World’s Largest Vietnamese Food Chain”

Pho Hoa Noodle Soup was established in 1983 in San Jose, California, USA as a single store operation. Today, our operations spread over North America, Canada and the Asia Pacific. Pho Hoa Noodle Soup is currently ranked in the top 400 largest food chains in the United States and the only Vietnamese chain restaurant represented. The rapid expansion and success of Pho Hoa Noodle Soup lies in its signature soup products. Our menu varieties deliver an intense aroma of flavors that can be executed without complicated training and processes. For this reason, Pho Hoa Noodle Soup was able to replicate its success beyond the United States and become a major household brand in Canada and highly competitive Asian cities such as Korea and the Philippines.

Aureflam Corporation
Address: Sacramento, California, USA
Year Established: 1983
Country of Origin: USA
No. of Units: 73
Franchise Option: Master Franchise Agreement
Franchise Fee: Request for Information
Franchise Term: 10+10 years

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