Park Lane Jewellery (USA) “World’s Largest Direct Sales Jewellery Company”

Pioneer in the direct sales industry for 60 years in the USA, Park Lane has begun to search for experienced direct sales leaders interested in becoming development partners with Park Lane. Park Lane’s core US business distinguishes Park Lane as the largest direct sales jewellery company in the world with over 40,000 active leaders and fashion directors all serviced directly from Park Lane’s corporate headquarters in Illinois, USA. Park Lane’s international development strategy involves the appointment of developmental partners who can replicate Park Lane’s US success in their home countries. Park Lane has created a means for others around the World to partner and create wealth for themselves, and others, via an amazing turn-key franchise opportunity. With the right people, the success of our worldwide development partners thus far has been of epic proportions.

Park Lane Inc.
Address: Schaumburg Illinois, USA
Year Established: 1955
Country of Origin: USA
No. of Units: 9 Development Agreements &
40,000 Direct Sales Leaders
Franchise Option: Franchise Development
Franchise Fee: Request for Information
Franchise Term: Successive 2 Year Terms

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