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What is OMG Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream?
We’ve invested in a patented technology that uses liquid nitrogen to quickly and consistently churn the smoothest ice cream right before your eyes. In a minute, you’ll enjoy the freshest and finest ice cream one can imagine. Why Liquid Nitrogen? Because it is super cold (-1960C), our freezing process is so rapid that it’s free from crystallization, giving the ice cream a creamier texture, and allowing us to get the same texture by using less milk fat in JUST 1 MINUTE.

Ooh My Gas Sdn Bhd
Tel: +603 6242 5965 /+6019 614 7505
Email: /
Franchise Fees: Master – US$100,000.00 /
Single – US$30,000.00
Royalty: 5%
Initial Capital: Master (min.) US$600,000 / Single (min.)USD$186,000

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