Maison Mathis (Belgium) “All good food comes with a story”

Maison Mathis has its culinary roots in the heart of Europe & at the center of our taste universe, there is bread.Maison Mathis is a unique concept which pays tribute to the rich heritage of Belgian food culture. Inspired by the best of many European cuisines, it’s a place where we treasure and share our culinary legacy. Just like our grandmothers did, and their grandmothers before them, we continue to honour Belgian love of good food. Why? Because it has “joie de vivre” to offer: the pleasure of enjoying life, the joy of sharing good times and beautiful things.From breakfast to lunch, over afternoon coffee to takeaway: discover the true taste from the heart of Europe. Savour the inviting atmosphere.

Creneau International Franchise bvba
Address: Hasselt Belgium
Year Established: 2012
Country of Origin: Belgium
No. of Units: 3
Franchise Option: Multi-Unit, Area Development
& Master Franchise
Franchise Fee: Request for Information
Franchise Term: Typically 10 years / Depends on Type of Agreement

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