Herbal-Basic Healthcare

Herbal-Basic PediaCare specializes in building kids’ health, using natural and innovative methods researched and developed in-house since 2003. Backed by years of clinical experience and proven track records, a sophisticated diagnosis-and-treatment software has been developed, the first in its field of Complementary & Alternative Medicine.  This breakthrough has created a rewarding opportunity for everyone, including those not trained medically, a chance to enter the usually high-barrier industry of paediatrics healthcare.

Herbal-Basic Healthcare Pte Ltd
Tel: +65 6278 8170
Website: www.hbtclinic.com
Email: elaine@herbalbasic.com
Franchise Fees: SGD 60,000 (Clinic); or
SGD 50,000 (Therapy Centre)
Royalty: 5%
Initial Capital: Available Upon Request

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