Dig That Gold (UK) “World’s first mobile gaming franchise opportunity”

Project M Asia have introduced to the Asian market the world’s first mobile game franchise opportunity. The opportunity allows investors and businesses alike to invest in new and innovative games that are set to revolutionize the gaming industry forever.Project M Asia knows that flexibility and freedom are of paramount importance to investors. Anyone, anywhere, can own a level and become part of the Dig That Gold game platform. The key advantage of this investment, in comparison to many others, is that it can be managed from the comfort of your own home or office.Everyone has heard about the multi-million dollar global success of games such as Angry Birds and Candy Crush, but the opportunity to tap into this booming market and be part of the next new game that everyone wants to play has not been available – until now. The two revenue streams for mobile games come from advertising and in-app purchases, and these are the two revenue streams that Dig That Gold is accessing.

Project Miner / Project M Asia
Address: London, United Kingdom
Website: www.projectmasia.com
Year Established: 2015
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
No. of Units: 600+
Franchise Option: Franchise Agreements
Franchise Fee: Starting at £20K
Franchise Term: Information available upon request

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