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Cleanpro Express Sdn Bhd is the first company to carry out 24 hours Self-Service Laundry Franchising Programme in South East Asia. In 2010, Cleanpro Laundry Holdings Sdn Bhd adopted the advanced “Self-service Laundry Management” by an American company, Dexter Laundry Inc. Since then, Cleanpro Laundry Holdings Sdn Bhd has converted its first conventional laundry in Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur into the “Integrated Laundry Services (2 in 1) Concept”.

In 2011, Cleanpro Laundry Holdings Sdn Bhd has further transformed this outlet into “24/7 No manpower Self-service Laundry Concept” by bringing in and opening up to high-tech equipment, committed to the research and development of a self-planning business model. At this time, the first business model of Cleanpro Express is formed. Since then, Cleanpro Express has fully carried this concept into a franchising business model that later changed the laundry industry in this region into a new era.

Hygiene, Healthy & Environmental Friendly
The technological innovation and service employed by Cleanpro Express are based on the core value of “Hygiene, Healthy and Environmental-Friendly Self-Service Laundry”. To achieve this, Cleanpro Express embraces 4 key principles:

  • Consumer’s Health
  • Environmental Protection
  • Fabric Care
  • Employee’s Wellbeing

The innovative and dedicated concept of “Hygiene, Healthy and Environmental Friendly Self-service Laundry” is a testimony to Cleanpro Express‘s devoted brand recognition, which has injected a new element to the self-service laundry industry in this region, and it is now getting popular in the urban and sub-urban area.

With its great strength and brand appeal, Cleanpro Express has now many groups of professional, competent and enthusiastic teams which are fully committed to promotion of a “Hygiene, Healthy and Environmental Friendly 24 hours Self-service Laundry” business. The fully innovative, no manpower self-service laundry marks the unlimited growth and magnificent future of Cleanpro Express.

For greater convenience, Cleanpro Express now offers the amazing Touch the Sky card system. By holding the Touch the Sky card, customer can now save the hassle of carrying cash around.

As the pioneer in convenience and modernity, Cleanpro Express is proud to be the first laundry operator in South East Asia to offer this revolutionary Touch the Sky card system.


Besides that, Cleanpro Express focuses on the environment where Dileka was implemented to clean the water by creating negatives electron thought energy generation. By doing this, customers can eliminate the use of laundry detergent. With Dileka, Cleanpro Express is able to offer exceptionally clean cloths and contribute its part to protect the environment as well. Cleanpro Express realises that such groundbreaking technology is crucial towards designing the future we live in.

As the pioneer in this innovative 24 hours Self-service Laundry Franchising Programme, Cleanpro Express alters the laundry industry around this region forever while growing rapidly and has the most number of outlets; its popular and established brand is now on everyone’s lips.



  1. Admin
    January 11, 2019 at 3:36 pm ·

    Hello RJ Lam,

    Thank you for your interest in this franchise. You can find more information about them via their website or contact them directly through their email


  2. Admin
    January 11, 2019 at 10:51 am ·

    Hello hoowee,

    Thank you for your interest in this franchise. You can find more information about them via their website or contact them directly through their email


  3. hoowee
    March 2, 2018 at 4:34 pm ·

    Hi, I am interested on Cleanpro franchise in Singapore. May i have more detials on it?

  4. RJ Lam
    February 2, 2017 at 1:02 pm ·

    I am interested with Cleanpro. Please give me more info. Thanks.

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