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ASEAN Franchises Showing Promise

Southeast Asia’s international franchise market is growing rapidly. In the past, US franchises have looked to English speaking nations, such as Canada and the UK, for growth potential. Outside of English speaking countries, China and India were a go to market. Now, more franchises are turning to countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore or other countries that are part of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN... Read More →

Is franchising for you?

What you should consider when investing in a franchise business. Before you consider investing in a franchise business you should understand the concept of franchising and you should understand the brand that you are considering investing in and the people behind it... Read More →

Omuto Tomato

Korean fusion restaurant Omuto Tomato offers a full range of its signature rice omelettes with no fewer than 40 choices of toppings. Although we are not as big as a family restaurant, we take pride in the interior design and colours used in our outlets, and our walls are decorated with classy paintings. Customers are provided with great service and flavours that people do not expect to receive in a smaller restaurant! Amoje Food Tel: +82 2 2185 7721 Email: Website: Franchise Fees: – Royalty: Available upon request Initial Capital: US$350,000.00.. Read More →

First-of-its-kind, Gourmet French Fry Café

What Is #Getfried? Gourmet, Quick Serve French Fry Chain, serving French-Canadian inspired Topped Fries, including Poutine, Buffalo Chicken, Fish N Chips, Chili Cheese Fries, Philly Cheese, Texas Cheese and more. Why #Getfried? Nowhere else can you create delicious, completely customizable, made-to-order, topped French fries in under 4 minutes. Sure, McDonalds, Burger King, Arbys, Wendy’s and Five Guys all offer great Fries… but not like ours! From four types of fries to five types of meats, and over 20 sauces, seasonings and toppings, no one comes close to the gourmet varieties, prices and service of #getfried. BTW, we almost forgot, mind.. Read More →

Nanyang Old Coffee

Nanyang Old Coffee is a Singapore traditional café with a touch of a contemporary image. We pride ourselves on retaining the good practices of traditional coffee treatment, using only top quality freshly roasted coffee beans, which are ground and brewed with the traditional handmade technique. This passed-down technique has successfully brought uniqueness into Singapore’s coffee shop scene and we have received huge welcomes from both local and foreign coffee lovers alike. Nanyang Old Coffee Pte Ltd Tel: +65 6561 3011 Email: Website: Franchise Fees: Single – SGD30,000 Area/Master – Case-by-case basis A&P Fees: N/A Royalty: 5% Initial Capital:.. Read More →