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Evolution of Territory Planning

Creating a Territory Plan or having Preferred Marketing Areas is a desire of most franchise systems, however evolving into a good system can be a nightmare. Most Territory Planning exercises we handle begin from the “Beer and Pizza” approach, and in many cases have evolved at people’s discretion. The “Beer and Pizza” approach is normally when a group of management (and some franchisees), converge around a map on a Boardroom table with beer, red wine, a couple of pizzas and a black crayon, and some good ideas! Inevitably it is built around where existing stores are, or where dominant Franchisees.. Read More →

Nanyang Old Coffee Franchise Business Opportunity

The Uniquely Singapore Coffee. Nanyang Old Coffee is a Singapore traditional cafe and a Franchise and Licensing Association (FLA) ‘Promising Franchisor of the Year 2009’ finalist. Nanyang Old Coffee vision is to re-introduce the wonderful Singapore traditional coffee and loyally retain the good practices of traditional coffee treatments. At Nanyang Old Coffee, only quality freshly roasted coffee beans are ground, brewed and served instantly to bring out the best aroma and flavour that can be expected from a traditional Singapore coffee... Read More →

Omuto Tomato

Korean fusion restaurant Omuto Tomato offers a full range of its signature rice omelettes with no fewer than 40 choices of toppings. Although we are not as big as a family restaurant, we take pride in the interior design and colours used in our outlets, and our walls are decorated with classy paintings. Customers are provided with great service and flavours that people do not expect to receive in a smaller restaurant! Amoje Food Tel: +82 2 2185 7721 Email: Website: Franchise Fees: – Royalty: Available upon request Initial Capital: US$350,000.00.. Read More →

Ramen Ten

Ramen Ten means “noodle shop” in Japanese and is Singapore’s first ever Halal Japanese Restaurant Chain. They offer affordable New Age Japanese Cuisine with a twist, with more than 25 types of Ramen in the menu and created “Dry Ramen”. Shin Tokyo Sushi, created by Ramen Ten, offers new age Japanese Halal Sushi on conveyor belt. They have now reached Malaysia with the unique Japanese cuisine with one aim; satisfy Malaysians both young and old. Ramenten Restaurant Pte Ltd Tel: +65-6250 0680 E-mail: Website: Franchise Fees: RM30,000 to RM120,000 Royalty: 5% Initial Capital: RM100,000 to RM1,000,000.. Read More →

4 Tips for Franchising in 2014

The New Year often stimulates entrepreneurial interests in consumer to consider taking more control of their destiny by launching out on their own in a business venture. It may emanate from dissatisfaction in the workplace, limited potential for advancement or simply a longing to benefit more directly from personal effort. Regardless of the source, the outcome many times leads consumer to investigate a myriad of franchise opportunities that appeal to their interests. Increasingly, individuals are choosing a franchise over going it on their own for some simple, yet unmistakable benefits of the franchise model... Read More →