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MMI Franchise Business Opportunity

The Leader In Pre-School Montessori Education. The Modern Montessori International Group (MMI) was set up in 1989 to introduce the Montessori Method of Education to Singapore. Today, MMI has grown to encompass 32 pre-school centres in Singapore and a full-fledged pre-school teacher-training school in the Corporate HQ occupying the entire 8000 square feet of the 24th storey of Orchard Towers... Read More →

Souvlakihut Franchise Opportunity

Souvlakihut is an innovative quick service restaurant in Australia that specialises in fresh and flavoursome souvlakis. Founded by John and Bill Fotiadis in the Melbourne suburb of Hillside in 2004, the company has grown to 36 franchises in just five years. Currently located along the Eastern Seaboard, Souvlakihut has plans to expand domestically and internationally, with a target of 50 stores by the end of 2010 and 120 stores by 2014... Read More →

Ask Education Hub

We are an education hub providing enrichment programs to schools. Our flagship program “John Langrehr Thinking Program (JLTP)” offers an opportunity to infuse and embed the mindsets and skills of Creative and Critical Thinking in young children, who are at an age that they are most responsive; making it very effective and beneficial to them. Since introduction, the program has impacted more than 100 schools. Ask Education Hub Pte Ltd Tel: +65-6561 3011 Email: Franchise Fees: S$40,000 onwards Royalty: 10 – 20 % of sales revenues Initial Capital: Available Upon Request.. Read More →

IP & Financial Considerations For Master Franchisee

Businesses expand effectively and quickly around the world through the franchising system. In the United States, there are believed to be more than 750,000 franchise businesses, with the franchising industry employing over 18 million people. Other intriguing facts and statistics related to the franchise industry in the U.S., according to the International Franchise Association (IFA) are:.. Read More →

Global Trends In Franchising

Never before has franchising been so truly global. There was a time where international markets were dominated by brands from the USA and Europe, but today brands from all corners of the world are developing into new international markets... Read More →