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Can Your Recipes Be Protected? How?

The food and beverage industry is a booming one because, let’s face it, people need to eat. It is reported that food consumption in Malaysia has been growing at a rapid rate since the year 2000. Not only that, but with hankerings for different foods to suit different moods and palates becoming more and more discerning, competition in this industry is fierce. Those who venture into the restaurant or food and beverage business – doing so out of a passion for food or as an entrepreneurial adventure – find that they are faced with many challenges that they may or.. Read More →

McDonald’s Franchise Business Opportunity

It started with a vision - to start a chain of fast food restaurants all over the United States, and Ray Kroc the founder of McDonald’s, saw this vision come true with McDonald’s charming its fans all over the world with its highly celebrated food: World Famous Fries, Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Chicken McNuggets and Egg McMuffin to name a few. .. Read More →

KENKO Wellness

Established since 1991, KENKO is a leading full-pledged wellness chain spa that has successfully established more than 20 outlets in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and India presently. Strongly backed by proven, effective and proprietary massage techniques and therapies, KENKO pampers clients with a comprehensive range of beauty and spa treatments. KENKO’S Franchise is highly sought after by many interested party regionally due to its innovative concept, unique skills and proven results. Kenko Holdings Pte Ltd Tel: +65-6737 0010 Website: Email: Franchise Fees: At least S$100,000 Royalty: 5% – 10% Initial Capital: At least S$100,000.. Read More →

Multi-Unit Franchisees…”Reshaping the Landscape”

The New Kid in Town The franchise model works well due to several important factors; common interest in a brand, consistency in systems and processes and the ability of the franchisor to effectively govern the network. Over the past 50 years of franchise history a dramatic shift has been developing, that is fundamentally reshaping the franchise equation. The continued growth of multi-unit franchisees that amass significant franchise units, wholly within either one system or increasing across multiple systems, is permanently changing the landscape of franchising. This new bourgeois of franchisees is putting the traditional franchise model to the test in.. Read More →

My Gym Children’s Fitness Center

My Gym, developed in Santa Monica and Van Nuys,California in 1983 is a programme and facility where children actively participate in a variety of structured, weekly physical education classes to gain social skills and self-esteem. Today, there are more than 260 My Gyms in over 30 countries throughout the world. Each year, more than one million children enjoy the age-appropriate, non-competitive classes and birthday parties My Gym offers. Kids Consulting Pte Ltd Tel: +65 62228511 Website: Email: Franchise Fees: TBA Initial Capital: S$250,000 – S$350,000.. Read More →